Our Vision
  1. GPCP Miraj is committed to become a centre par excellence in the field of Pharmaceutical education & Research with the objective if improving health care in the country.
  2. To strengthen the Pharmacy profession with the respect to all facets of Pharmacy.
  3. To be at the forefront of the Pharmaceutical Education & Research by manifesting excellence, stimulating revolutionary progress & engaging the society we serve. To perfect & share our knowledge with Pharmacist & health care services in meeting the challenges of all competitive global environment.
Our Mission
  1. To become a role –model & reputed Pharma Educational Institution.
  2. To provide efficient pharmacists with high professional standards for the welfare of society & nation.
  3. To work proactively for better healthcare systems in the a manner consistent with the Oath of Pharmacists to protect & improve physical & Social health of society.
  4. To build active & response Oriented relationships with Pharma industries, alumni & the society.
  5. To make a distinct & excellent contribution in the field of modern education, & to nurture Total Quality management concepts in the organization at all levels.
Our Values
  1. We believe there is no higher service that “Service to mankind”.
  2. Committed to holistic health care for all.
  3. Imparting education as social obligation.
  4. To inculcate human, moral & social values amongst students.
  5. Individual harmony.
  6. Work is Worship.
Our Goals
  1. To strive for excellence in all disciplines.
  2. To create conductive environment for research oriented education.
  3. To introduce new need based short term courses.
  4. To impart the best training.
  5. To arrange for the best possible placement.
  6. To evolve dynamic new system.
  7. To develop lasting relations with Pharma industries.
  8. To cater to the society’s need.
  9. To modernize & convert the library into an information centre.
  10. To modernize existing laboratories.
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